Roslyn Bouier ~ July 7, 2014

I recently went to hear Rev. Dr. Smith preach at an AME church in Detroit. Dr. Smith’s sermon was on the woman caught in the act of adultery. I remember thinking to myself, how will Dr. Smith present this woman in a favorable light. Coming to know Dr. Smith as I have, (student at ATS) I came with great expectation. What I was not expecting, was the very thing my spirit was in desperate need of. Dr. Smith re-introduced me to the loving compassionate, Jesus that I had not heard preached about in such a long time. When Dr. Smith pointed out; “that Jesus was writing in the dust really to right the injustice placed upon on this woman” I wept. Rev. Dr. Smith reminded me of the Jesus that I have come to know and love, thank you! Rev. Dr. Smith has been such a great inspiration in the classroom and the pulpit. Her vast knowledge, and love for God’s word enhances her ability to “rightly divide the word.” Dr. Smith is truly gifted and anointed by God."    --- Roslyn Bouier, July 7, 2014