Genetta Y. Hatcher

"Dr. Mitzi Smith is a prophetic voice for the Church today. She is an insightful, powerful, deliberate and passionate preacher of our Great Gospel. When I first heard her preach, I had another engagement to attend. My plan was to stay and hear her preach for just a few minutes before darting out. I however was so captivated by her hermeneutical genius and her homiletical gifting that I stayed and opted to be late for my other engagement. When she opened her mouth, I became for those 30 minutes or so, her student. In the words of the now late Dr. Mack King Carter, Dr. Smith's sermonic voice on that day was "delicious" and I might add filling. Since then I can say that I not only admire her reputation and representation as a part of the academy but I am thankful for the preacher in her. Bless you Dr. Smith for doing all things well."

- Pastor Genetta Y. Hatcher, MDiv, Campus Pastor-Third New Hope Baptist Church-West Campus, Detroit